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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  February 16, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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to an entire community. but this home was intentionally ire -- and allow flames tearing through a mobile home with an explosive threat to an entire community. this home was intentionally set on fire and allowed to burn to the ground. good evening. that mobile home was in a quiet community in redding and dozens of families were told to leave because of the explosive threat. don kna pp explains why they wanted to blow it up. >> it seriously injured a man charged with making home made explosives. >> reporter: 10 days ago
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firefighters rushed to the home. that time it was to save his life after explosive material detonated while he was building model rockets. it took off a hand and injured an eye. bomb experts discovered a more serious risked in of the home. explosives that threatened the safety of the homes of his neighbors and the rural area west of redding. >> the explosives known and unknown are unstable. >> reporter: too unstable to handle. the authorities decided they would have to set the home on fire and burn it to the ground. two blast areas were identified and residents of 55 homes were told to evacuate. not everyone was willing to go. >> i am not leaving. no. i don't agree with what they are doing. >> reporter: they torched the mobile home. a reporterred she heard several loud booms, the instructure took more than an hour to burn to the ground. the sheriff's sergeant, green, told me late today those evacuated from the area will
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not be going home this evening. there will be a cooling off period while the area will be serve searched for dangerous and toxic materials. we are live in the news room, back to you. >> all right, thank you, don. a mystery tonight in the oakland hills. a badly burned body was found last night at the skyline boulevard entrance to regional park. parkgoers and neighbors are on edge. >> reporter: looking at the park today it is tough to imagine the horror that unfolded overnight when the police got a call from someone reporting a woman's body burning. at 10:30 p.m. >> when they arrived they did, in fact, located a badly burnt body. >> reporter: that is the sergeant for the east bay regional park district police department that has taken over the investigation. >> reporter: we are going to make sure we look into it fully and determine where and why this occurred. >> the skyline boulevard entrance to the park remained open to the public on sunday as officers continued to
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investigate. and park visitors learned what had happened. >> kind of scary. and it -- we are here with a family. >> it makes me sad. any death makes you sad. >> but park visitors say they will not be detoured. >> not knowing any of the circumstances it is hard to make any kind of judgment but there is always some kind of crime everywhere. >> reporter: in the oakland hills, back to you. the coroner is working to identify the body. no suspects were named. 25 homes were evacuated as smoke bill lowed from an abandoned cheese plant on fire. it started at 7:00 on highway 33 in gustine. nobody knows how the fire got started.
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>> two people were shot outside of a liquor store in east san jose when the officers arrived they found a man and woman with one gunshot wound. no word or motive and the suspects are still on the loose. and just a few miles away from the shooting, a man was killed by a hit and run driver. the police say the man was walking in the area of the woods drive and just after 3:00 it this afternoon. the suspect vehicle took off and has not been seen since. >> concord can see a brand-new lounge pop up soon. but, nearby pleasant hill has a few questions it wants answered before the puffing began begins. >> reporter: drive on this street you will think you are in pleasant hill but you are
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not. sometimes decisions we are making on this side of the line may effect others on this side of the line. >> roger stills on the planning commission, he has no problems with pleasant hill asking concord to do its due diligence and checking this new lounge at this location will be in the public's best interest. they agreed and put the word out to the public. he says the neighboring cities have cooperated before. >> you get into situations where you got what is happening in one city sitting on the boundaries of where another city exists. it is possible that residents or the city itself can come forward and say we would like a hearing. >> that hearing is scheduled forked with. it could decide if concord can grant them a minor use permit to operate here f. it opens it will be among peers, including a cigar shop and tattoo parlor nearby. still, they have questions they want answered about secity and keeping those under 18 years old out of the lounge. but, until wednesday's public hearing we can not know his
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vote. >> it is unfair to an applicant, okay. to feel he has any planning commissioners that are preconceived one way or the other. unfair to the city residents as well. we have to go in with an open mind or not doing our job. >> the public hearing to died if the palace can come into this strip mall is this wednesday at 7:00 p.m. in concord city hall. in concord, mark kelly, kpix-5. >> we reached out to the public that we believe to be the owners but have not heard back. two skiers missing after an avalanche in colorado were found dead this afternoon. roads were closed and search and rescue crews scoured the area. emergency crews say seven skiers on star mountain, 80 miles southwest of denver triggered the slide yesterday afternoon. three are hospitalized with injuries and the rest of okay. another winter storm in the northeast hit parts of main and massachusetts the hardest this weekend. thousands lost power on cape
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cod after winds gusting more than 50 miles an hour last night. meteorologist say the crazy storms this season are tied to other extreme weather across the country. >> behave been in a pattern that is stuck. you think about a sea saw, one part of it is up and one part is down. in the united states it is under high pressure. >> another storm is moving across the midwest tonight, expected to hit monday night or tuesday. >> a woman in jail for murder of a man she met on craigslist says she killed two dozen others. why she never wants to be released from prison. hackers are at it again. what they got access to. we will get access to a little more rain later in the week. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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killed 22 other people becae she's part of a satanic cul 19-year old miranda barbour a woman charged with killing a man on craigslist admitted to killing 22 other people. she says she killed a man last november in self-defense, she says she does not want to be released from prison because she would kill again. the police believe she and her
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husband, who are newlyweds, by the way, wanted to kill somebody together. her husband of 3 weeks says his bride is innocent. >> i do not believe that this was mellishous whatsoever. i believe that she was attacked and that under those circumstances she took the necessary measures to defend herself. >> for her part, she says she has no remorse and she killed only bad people in several states. the police are investigating her involvement in other murders itch the popular fund raising web site kickstarter says hackers got customer data. they sent an e-mail to users saying they got user names, passwords, e-mail addresses and phone numbers. no credit card information was stolen, they said 2 accounts have had unauthorized transactions. kickstarter is advicing everyone to change their passwords. and developers in southern california made history today, crews broke the world record for the longest continuous concrete bore after 18 1/2
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hours. a pokes person for the hotel says 208 trucks made 2100 trips, 21,200 yards of concrete were powered by 11:00 this morning and that beats the record of 21,000 cubic yards set by las vegas in in 1999. the grand is set to open in 2017 and will be the tallest building west of the mississippi. still ahead, homeowners discover they can't put the repairs off any longer, what got roofers very popular and very busy. and this zoo keeper has a best friend for life. we will show you more of this relationship taking the internet by storm ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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stray chihuahuas are running , making themselves
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it is an unusual sight in phoenix. chihuahuas are making themselves at home. the police are asking residents to get them in their yards until they can get to them. ing dogs are left behind after foreclosures, animal control says they are the most popular breeds at their shelter. we had to show you this. it has gone viral on youtube, a penguin has fallen in love with the zoo keeper. he pets the penguin on his head. he stumbles and chases after the worker and regains his footing and keeps going. the video has received half a million views in a matter of weeks. all of that rain that we have seen created a lot of business for roofers. homeowners can no longer about
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put off the inevitable. >> when the rain stopped coming down the tar started going up. roofers across the county are popular. >> monday, tuesday, pretty busy as far as phone calls. >> yep. guess what? the roof repairs that you have been putting off, last weekend, you found them. darren little, now, they don't have to do their roof. a big expenses. >> they are going to pay the price. >> yes. now you have interior damage and that is going to cost you. >> nearby, at this roofing supply, the manager's business is doing a lot better. >> work is definitely pouring in. moving a lot through the wet patch. >> yes. [ laughter ] >> a lot of wet patches. >> replacing a roof is hard work. it is dangerous and it smells
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bad. if you are not careful you can get seriously burned. but the pros say there is only one way not to worry about a leak. >> if it is not raping it is not leaking. they produced a bumper crop, the growers produced a gray harvest. and good weather. the state agriculture department reports last year's grape crop is worth more than $3 billion. the size of the harvest is up 5% from 2012 and that could mean lower prices for wine. all right, let's get to the weather. this is the chance of a little more rain coming in the bay area later in the week. the next couple of days like today. they look sunny. as we go outside tonight, fair skies around the bay area, a few high and low clouds floating over head. still, a beautiful sunday. 63 degrees in concord right now. from the bay area to the central coast to the valley to
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the sacramento valley. the numbers are almost all in the 60s. very uniform air mass over the northern central part of the state. it is cooler up north. it is only in the 50s. san jose has 61. santa rose a63 degrees as you head out tonight. mostly in the 50s. a little bit cooler by 8:00 tonight. fair skies and, with that, we are going to have chilly overnight lows. never the less we are covered in a nice day. readings mostly in the middle 60s. with plenty of sunshine and that little cold front that came through, really cleared us out. the visibilities today were stunning. i mean the atmosphere gets rinsed by the cold fronts that come through. that that means, that we had really clear skies looking from the open hills over to the metro area. boy, that is gorgeous. just lovely visibilities. you can see san francisco there in the distance on the cheerest of days. you can look from oakland to actually see the island. not that cheer today. there you have the new bay bridge and in the foreground.
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and a reminder you can get this. the best picture you can get is free and over the air. try it with your high- definition television some sometime. >> high pressure, cool temperatures overnight tonight. for tomorrow, sunny, mild,tuesday. readings most he in the 60s from now all of way through the end of the week. future cast is showing a few high clouds coming in around sunrise. >> 11:00, 12:00. coming in tomorrow evening, around south san francisco, we will get low clouds tomorrow night. elsewhere, mostly clear, on the rainfall season, what we got last night was not much. brings us to about a third of average for the bay area. so, we are still well behind. not going to change any time soon. so, clear and chilly overnight. sunny through tuesday, the next chance of rain coming in late tuesday. from the airport tomorrow, mostly sunny skies, winds out
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of the north at 15. newyork is freezing tomorrow. temperature of 32 for a high. chicago as snow and 30. southland is nice. losangeles in the 70s. overnight, 40 degrees in san jose. the president's day, nice, dry, near seasonal. the temperatures in the low 60s for the bay area. as we look at the weather tomorrow, 64 at oakland, north bay, mostly in the low 60s and sunshine. in the extended forecast we get a little bit of a chance of a few showers that will favor the north bay. not much. that is weather, sports, ann has somebody that can do that for newses yes, he is sitting right there. >> well, old face for bay area baseball but new for the giants. he wears number 15 and so does bruce bochy did he give up his number in what number is he
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wearing for the giants? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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5:52 pm we begin with basketball... as the nba all-star game ros on... vern is packing his bags. >> i understand it is 80 degrees in phoenix, loving that. spring training, day two in a moment. we begin with basketball. now, as the nba all-star game rolls on. 6 rank'd woman, playing like a
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collection of all-stars for years. they are a wrecking crew since dropping the first pac-12 game. this one was over today from the time they broke the huddle against arizona. stanford, closing in on 14 straight conference finals, knocked down, 5, scoring 17. the entire roster, going up by 40 at one point. 59.9 rebounds, 74-48 for the 24th straight win over the cats. >> it was a great game for us, so many people got to come in and a lot of people contributed and our coach talks about i love playing but it gives other people an opportunity to come out and get an experience that will help us come march, i am all about. >> let's talk about you, young lady, i was driving down the road, how can you be a senior. you just got here, doesn't it?
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>> time flies. this summer, i was thinking this is my last chance, last few months, weeks, days. it makes it all real. that is why i like to go out on all possessions no regrets. >> you can benefit from not the older sister you must of taken so much from neka. >> any time i have a question, what is it going to be like? she was a guinea pig. she had to go through the hard stuff to figure out hoar way and i love what she -- out her way and i love what she is doing and i followed her footsteps and ride her coattails you. >> will need her at the next level. >> i don't know, she is competitive. we might play against each other sooner or later. >> you can see my interview more on "gameday" plus warriors
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tv analysts, barnet, joins me in studio to talk as they get ready for the stretch run of the second half of the season. giants full squad reports for spring training on tuesday. for now, it is all eyes on the pitchers and the catchers, the new ones, tim hudson wearing number 17. yes, i guess bruce bochy did not give up the number 15 on his back. any way, we have tim lincicum renting a warehouse in seattle this winter to ramp up his throwing practice. as he attempts to get back to his cy young form. >> he looked good. free, easy, letting it go. that is what you expect from timmy. that is him. you know, it is like a horse out of the barn. he just goes. >> red sox nation. no fare well for pitcher dimpster. he will not pitch so he can
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spend more time with his family. by sitting out he will give $13 million in salary. >> the trust open, so-cal from the cat box and in. got the lead at 12 under par. in front of gretzky, daughter of the great one. now, the lead just off of the mark. it will be watson getting the win since the 2012 master's. shooting a 7 under 64 to win the tournament. now, tigers niece, woods, a participant in this one, that is webb bringing 18 and to grab the lead, then she will have to sweat out an effort by chow, try to match her.
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just a little bit left. now, winning this event for the 5th time in her career. oh by the way, kramer finished tied for 3rd. >> so "gameday" you got a little bit of everything? >> something for everybody in an action-packed show. anchored by me. >> and your assessment on the a's and giants? >> you have to let me get down there, first. >> no, no, no. [ laughter ] >> canning the a's maintain? going for the 3-pete. i am thinking lots of love. >> i don't need to go to the sun to know that it is there. [ laughter ] >> thanks. i think. >> well, you got to rep stphaoepbt all right. that is good. reporter involvement. >> yes. >> take me along. [ laughter ] >> come on. we will put you to work. >> that is it for us. we will see you back here in half an hour. new updates are on
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>> good night ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> glor: tonight, adding up: as the snow continues, so do the costs. don dahler on the winter that could cost the economy $50 billion. two skiers found dead in colorado. an avalanche warning is issued all the way from new mexico to wyoming. terrell brown reports. another case of air rage this weekend. jeff pegues, looks into a growing problem. >> guys, what is this? >> i'm pointing! you told me to point! >> glor: and bill whitaker says the tallest building in the west will begin with one big pour. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> jeff: good evening, everyone, i'm jeff glor with a western edition of the broadcast. and just as one storm moves out th n


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